Library stock, recognition of services

The Library’s organisation and operations are guaranteed by the catalogues that can be viewed on PCs.
The Library holds bibliographic and documentary material both on paper and in electronic storage formats (CD-ROMs, VHS cassettes, DVDs and NAS units). Cataloguing follows national SBN criteria. Grey literature is stocked according to standard criteria.

In the Official Bulletin of the Latium Region no. 48 of 13 June 2013, in application of Regional Law no. 42/1997, Regional Presidential Decree no. T00063 of 4 June 2013 included the Library in the Regional Library Organisation, OBR, with the status of “Lorenzo Lodi” Library of local interest.
The Library Cultural Association “Lorenzo Lodi” – NPO was constituted by the Library on 30thAugust 2016, after registration at the Rome 4 Collatino Italian Revenue Agency.
For the cataloguing of our holdings we make use of LibraryThing, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). The system contains the catalogues of over 5,000 libraries worldwide, notably the Library of Congress (Washington, DC, United States) and has over 2,400,000 registered users. The “Lorenzo Lodi” Local interest Library is among these and in 2012, received five declarations of merit (three gold and two bronze stars) for the “divulgation of knowledge”. Two further awards were assigned in 2013 (two bronze stars), with a silver star coming in 2014. A “Fiver” medal was awarded by LibraryThing founder, Tim Spalding, on completion of the first five years of collaboration together (2010-2015).

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